Free Demonstrations & Workshops


Last Year’s
Free Demonstrations & Workshops

11:30 Iced Coffee Brewing
Gregg Montgomery, Aspen’s Brew

12:00 Coffee Consulting & Training
Sylvia Miller, Cyclo Coffee & Barista Academy

12:30 Coffee Brewing with the Aeropress?
Isaac Cummings, Co-Founder, Joseph E Coffee

1:00 Art & Science of Brewing with a Chemex
Linda Brewster, Founder, San Antonio Coffee Festival

1:30 Honduran Coffee Farming
Mario Garcia, Finca los Mandarinos

2:00 Snow Cone Coffee
Hawaii’s Coolth

2:30 Why Fair Trade?
Marco Martinez, Catholic Relieft Services

3:30 Benefits of Ganoderma Coffee
Sienna Miller, Organo Gold

4:00 How Civet Coffee Sustains Farmer’s Livelihoods
Dustin Butler, Bantai Civet Coffee