San Antonio Coffee Festival - Coffee Roasters

This Year’s Coffee Roasters

SA Coffee Fest - San Antonio Coffee Festival - Coffee Roasters

NOW WITH MORE ROASTERS AND EVEN MORE SPACE!: Last year the festival hosted almost twice as many coffee roasters than ever before, and expanded to include Juarez Plaza portion of La Villita as well. This year, with more space and so many more roasters, this year’s festival will have even more coffee goodness for everyone to enjoy!

Black Rifle Coffee – Cafe Ole’Caferros – Corpus Driftwood Coffee CoD’s RoasteryEpic Coffee – Fara CoffeeGruene Coffee HausIndependence CoffeeHEYDAY Cold BrewKatz CoffeeRoasters & Rustic Bean Coffee Shop – Olla Express CafePoetic Republic Coffee – Quantam Coffee Roasters – Quick Sip CoffeeRedbud Roasters – Rosella CoffeeShotgun House Coffee – Springtown Roasters  Summer Moon Woodfired Coffee RoastersThe Hayden Homestead  True Republic RoastersTumbleweed Coffee  Uniko Specialty Coffee –  White Elephant – Wicked Voodoo Espresso


Free Demonstrations & Workshops

In Juarez Plaza:


Come participate!  Free Art Activity for all ages: color & create a contribution to the Community Art Mural.  Design your own “Hug in a Mug” to be hung in Plaza Juarez in a 3-D mural for our coffee-loving community.

Coffee Workshops

10:00 How to Hack your Coffeepot
Nicholas B. Haffter Von Heide / Fresh Pressed Coffee Company

11:00 How to’s: Espresso & Moka Pot
Sylvia Miller, San Antonio Barista Academy

12:00 Coffee Farming in Columbia
Brandon Fokken, Coffee Heaven

1:00 Introduction to the San Antonio Barista Academy
Sylvia Miller, San Antonio Barista Academy

2:00 Iced Coffee
Bethany Oliver, Coffee Bound

3:00 How to start a Coffee Club
Kristin Hammons, Texas A&M Coffee Club

3:30 Make the Jump: Starting your own Coffee Company
Jacob Hurrell-Zitelman, Quick Sip Cold Brew

4:00 Home Roasting
Fidel Moreno, Quantum Coffee

4:30 Why’s of Wicked Voodoo and CBD Coffee
Laurel Winslow / Wicked Voodoo

Wellness Workshops

 9:30 Drumming Opening Ceremony
Olga Lora – Dancing Feather / Intuitive Healer

10:00 Ayurvedic lifestyle practices. Healthy Body…Healthy Mind
Andrea Meyer, Chopra Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator / Sama-Life

10:30 Fighting Food Waste with Imperfect Food
Lydia Oxley /

11:00 Wellness through Massage & Functional Movement Therapies
Yolie & Cleo, Pro-Health Therapies Massage

12:00 Fusion of Piloxing & Barre
Carol Hernandez, Inbalance Stone Oak

1:00 Fitness in San Antonio
Wellness Ambassador, San City of San Antonio – Parks & Recreation

2:00 Mindfulness & Meditation
Julia Bates, MelloBe

3:00 Women’s Wellness
Amy Gonzalez, The Love Shack Boutique

3:30 Ayurvedic lifestyle practices. Healthy Body…Healthy Mind
Andrea Meyer, Chopra Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator / Sama-Life

4:00 Yoga
Cassandra Fauss, Mobile Om Yoga

In Plaza Nacional:

Dog Activities

EverFest Chooses San Antonio Coffee Festival as the Top December 2015 Event

EverFest Top December 2015 Festival

San Antonio Coffee Festival (San Antonio, Texas)

December 12, 2015

The opportunity to taste fresh, locally roasted coffee from all over the world makes this day-long festival a coffee-lover’s dream. Attendees can meet local coffee artisans, learn about the production process and enjoy live entertainment in the quaint city of San Antonio.