San Antonio Coffee Festival - Coffee Roasters

Last Year’s Coffee Roasters

SA Coffee Fest - San Antonio Coffee Festival - Coffee Roasters

NOW WITH MORE ROASTERS AND MORE SPACE!: Last year the festival hosted almost twice as many coffee roasters than ever before, and expanded to include Juarez Plaza portion of La Villita as well. With more space and so many more roasters, this year’s festival will have even more coffee goodness for everyone to enjoy! 1885 Coffee Co. – Airborne BeansBig Bend Coffee RoastersCafe Ole’Caferros – D’s RoasteryEspressivo CoffeeEstate Coffee CompanyFara CoffeeGruene Coffee HausIndependence CoffeeBloom City CoffeeHEYDAY Cold BrewKatz CoffeeKeva Smoothie & Koffee –  KIVA Coffee Roasters – Merit Roasting CompanyOlla Express CafeQuick Sip CoffeeRosella CoffeeSummer Moon Woodfired Coffee RoastersTexas Sludge CoffeeTrue Republic RoastersWhite ElephantWicked Voodoo Espresso

$5 for a 4-tasting flight

Free Demonstrations & Workshops

This Year’s
Free Demonstrations & Workshops

10:00 Morning Stretching & Fitness Fun
Gold’s Gym

10:30 Green Coffee Roasting Demonstration
Don Eduardo Coffee

11:00 Aeropress and the American Coffee Culture
Nancy Maladecki, TAMPZ ~ Coffee by design

11:30 Coffee Consulting & Training
Sylvia Miller, Cyclo Coffee & Barista Training

12:00 Palate 101 class
Jamie Isetts, Merit Roasting Co

12:30 Principles of Brewing Great Coffee
Katz Coffee

1:00 The Perfect Health Wellness Program
Andrea Meyer, Sama-Life: Your Life in Balance

1:30 Coffee Brewing with the Clever
David & Kathy Goodwill, Keva Koffee

2:00 Latte Art
Stephen Flores, Espressivo

2:30 Coffee Rub for Grilling & 120 Ways to Recycle Coffee Grounds
Darrell & Sandy Vasquez, D’s Roastery

3:00 Cold Brew Coffee
Ian Caceres, Blossom City Coffee Co

3:30 Roasting 101: Light vs dark… Why we roast the way we do
Joseph Garlitz, Merit Roasting Co.

4:00 Coffee Cocktails!
Senior, Full Throttle Saloon

4:30 Home Brewing you Own Coffee-based Beer
Robert Johnson / Craft Beer Specialist – Gabriel’s

EverFest Chooses San Antonio Coffee Festival as the Top December 2015 Event

EverFest Top December 2015 Festival

San Antonio Coffee Festival (San Antonio, Texas)

December 12, 2015

The opportunity to taste fresh, locally roasted coffee from all over the world makes this day-long festival a coffee-lover’s dream. Attendees can meet local coffee artisans, learn about the production process and enjoy live entertainment in the quaint city of San Antonio.

The Tasting Flight

Taste the Coffee

The specially designed Tasting Flight is the featured highlight of the event.

The Tasting Flight is an informal version of a traditional “coffee cupping” which is the practice by which a professional coffee taster attempts to measure aspects of the coffee’s aroma and taste, specifically the body, flavor, acidity, sweetness, and aftertaste much like sommeliers evaluate wines.

10am-5pm ” The Art of Coffee”
$5 for a 4-tasting flight

Choose from 80+ coffees locally roasted and artfully brewed. Come Taste your way around the globe…