Learn About Coffee

  1. 2017 San Antonio Coffee Festival – Free Coffee Demonstrations and Workshops
11:00 Perfecting Your Press Nancy Maladecki, TAMPZ Coffee by Design
11:30 Coffee Consulting & Training Sylvia Miller, Cyclo Coffee & Barista Training
12:00 Coffee Cocktails Bryce Jeter, Paramour
12:30 Brewing with the Coffee Sock Corina Guillory, Coffeesock
1:00 Cold Brew Coffee Isaac Cummings, Bexar Cold Brew Co.
1:30 Coffee Brewing with the Clever Linda Brewster, Founder, Coffee Festival
2:00 Coffee & Brain Health Darrell & Sandy Vasquez, D’s Roastery
2:30 Why Fair Trade? Marco Martinez, Catholic Relief Services
3:30 Coffee Roasting Jose Carlos de la Colina, White Elephant Coffee

Benefits of Ganoderma Coffee

Sienna Miller, Organo Gold
4:30 Honduran Coffee Farming Mario Garcia, Mandarino’s Coffee Farm